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As a modern cloud hosted solution, capable of automating all benefit calculations Mantle is ahead of the competition.


Mantle pre calculates ERI’s for records with good data at least annually. These values are automatically pushed to Altus, our ISP partner. They host all the necessary data and respond to find & ERI requests.


Where data is not good enough to run the calculation, an automated workaround allows the administrator to fix the record and return the ERI.

See how the process works.

What's included


Digitised accessible member records


Integrated automated ERI calculations


Secure data hosting and Dashboards compliance via ALTUS ISP


Real time return of find


Incomplete data ERI workaround


No one off costs, data hosting included in licence fee

You can rely on us

Mantle is an enterprise scale solution.​ Hosted across Microsoft, AWS and Google.

99% service availability

Multiply redundancy

Rapidly scalable

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To discuss how we can help with your company pensions and challenges, please get in touch with Graeme Riddoch.

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