Our Story

Different by design

The beginning

Back in 2010 we decided to take a different approach to defined benefit administration and actuarial software. We looked at competitor systems and found that they didn’t do what we needed, largely as they were originally conceived decades ago. We also wanted one system to do administration, actuarial and liability modelling, not three. We embarked on the build of a modern cloud-hosted modular system that could solve a number of problems.

Our vision

An administration platform where benefits could be coded by administrators, not rocket scientists. No special programming language and no black box calculations. The ability to click into the full calculation. And to be able to automate all benefits not just the vanilla ones. Most systems can automate a good chunk of calculations, but not all. We wanted to build a platform that would automate 100% of calculations, not just the easy ones, and for a reasonable budget. By designing a different approach to coding we’ve yet to find a calculation we can’t automate.

Truly flexible system

Administration data flowing straight through to the actuarial layer. No separate system, no exporting or re-keying. Update the administration data and it flows straight through to the actuarial calculations. Integrated liability modelling all running from the same underlying data. Daily valuations at the touch of a button and powerful modelling in real time, running millions of economic scenarios.

The outcome

A suite of applications delivering a range of modern solutions


—  Market-leading administration platform.

—  Digital member communications via our phone app, My Pocket Pension.

—  Fully integrated administration, actuarial and Asset Liability Modelling.

—  Standalone Asset Liability Modelling

You can rely on us

Mantle is an enterprise scale solution.​ Hosted across Microsoft, AWS and Google.

99% service availability

Multiply redundancy

Rapidly scalable

Let's talk about you

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