My Pocket Pension

A smarter way to engage with members

Improves member engagement and communications
Enables member self-serve & reduces administration costs
Supports member option exercises

Explore some of My Pocket Pension’s main features

Easy to use just download from app stores

Two factor authentication and phone biometrics

Pension and Lump Sum ages 55 – 75

Prompt members to act with phone notifications

Built from your rules and refreshed daily

Your rules and brand throughout app

What are the benefits of member self serve?

Most people now access the internet using Smartphones, and predominantly using apps. (ONS 2019)

My Pocket Pension is a new app based benefits portal powered by Mantle, the industry leading administration and bundled valuation platform. 

How does it work? Scheme rules and member benefit data are loaded onto Mantle. This allows us to generate benefits with a high degree of accuracy across a range of ages. Real time transfer values can also be supported. All this data is then available to members on their smartphone using the My Pocket Pension app.

App Advantages

Ease of access 

A QR code can take a member straight to the app for download. No need to type in a URL.


Passwords can be a major barrier to usage. We deploy two-factor authentication supplemented by the phone’s biometrics. For additional security, transactions will require a 4 digit PIN.


People tend to be very attached to their smartphones and are rarely without them. This means that push notification messages can be delivered in real time with a good probability that the member will view them.

Video demonstration of my pocket pension

Other Advantages

Intuitive design

IOS & Android

Two-factor authentication or biometric (fingerprint/facial recognition)

Your brand

Supports member options

Pension, cash, and transfer value in real time

Send notifications

Embedded email

Designed to be easy to use and easy to understand

Find out more

Please call 028 9041 2888 or email to find out more information and set up a trial of Mantle and My Pocket Pension.