Administration Platform

Mantle® has been designed to provide comprehensive pensions administration functionality that compliments and enhances administration practices.

Explore some of the Administration Platform’s main features.

All benefit calculations programmed allowing for real time calculations

A comprehensive view of the scheme including automated common and conditional data status

App based benefits portal enabling member self serve and real time benefits and TV

Embedded documents creation and management.

Business as usual upgrades no cost. Continuous development cycle.

Running with one unified system.

Every aspect of a defined benefit scheme’s benefit specification can be recreated within Mantle, regardless of complexity or the number of benefit categories. This means that all member benefit calculations can be performed automatically without any unnecessary manual intervention.

Mantle provides built in automated document production and document storage facilities. Fully customisable letters, statements, quotations, discharges, and stewardship reports can be produced automatically and in bulk. All documents produced Mantle by are indexed and filed automatically against the relevant records. Scanned documents can also be uploaded and stored to the system. The Pension Regulator’s common data quality targets are monitored and reported on in real time, together with a scheme’s bespoke conditional data requirements. This means that changes to the quality of the scheme’s data can be reviewed as soon as any update is made to the dataset.

Benefit audit validation checks are performed automatically. Scheme benefit data is assessed against the rules set out in the benefit specification and user defined validation criteria that can be customised and applied to any field in the dataset. Reports of the issues found can be produced by Mantle to assist with data rectification. Mantle has a fully integrated workflow system that aids administrators in the completion of member and scheme tasks and provides audit and management information reporting functionality.

Mantle has a comprehensive suite of calculation functionality, as well as unparalleled flexibility and analytical power. This allows bulk data management exercises such as contracted-out reconciliations and benefit adjustments to be automated, with full process controls and audit trails.

Mantle has built in cash management and payroll functionality, allowing seamless straight-through processing of pension payments and up to date, accurate cash flow analysis. Find out more about the benefits that Mantle’s features provide here, or contact us for more details.

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