About us

Mantle® reimagines the traditional models of Defined Benefit pensions administration and actuarial valuation software by seamlessly combining the two systems into a single, fully-integrated, web based application.

Explore some of Mantle’s main features

Robust and scalable
No downloads required

The most complex benefits automated with
calcuations in real time

Embedded document
creation and management

Including funding positions, cashflow, member records and asset tracking
and monitoring

Daily ALM run from the underlying
data at the click of a button

App based benefits portal enabling member self serve
and real time benefits and TV

Mantle uses live scheme data and advanced process automation to provide a range of innovative services including accurate daily valuations, real time data and benefit audit reports, interactive actuarial modelling illustrations, and instant provision of benefit quotations and documentation.

Mantle is a system rather than a service. Trustees and scheme sponsors have the flexibility and choice to implement it how they want and with whom they want. As a piece of software, Mantle does not tie the use of the system to any one service provider and places no access barriers between trustees and their data.

Meet the team

Mantle is developed by Mantle Hosting Ltd.

Mantle Hosting is a specialist firm of software developers, data management consultants and data security analysts who have acquired significant expertise in the pensions and financial industries.

The development of Mantle utilised this experience, together with input from actuaries, administrators, trustees, and investment managers to create a system that has been designed to address many of the challenges faced by DB pensions schemes.

Find out more about the team behind Mantle here.

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Please call 028 9041 2888 or email graeme_riddoch@mantleservices.co.uk to find out more information and set up a trial of Mantle.